Ethical Funds & Financial Instruments
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Ethical Funds & Financial Instruments

Algorithmic trading, responsibly 
Venture for mission-driven talents



Lae is a quantitative algorithmic fund and a venture designing performant strategies for qualified investors that places the ethic dimension at its core.

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We analyze markets through the multidisciplinary eye of financial engineering using the methods of engineering, the tools of mathematics and the practice of programming.

This process allows us to create structures with significant risk-return or cost-savings profiles that may not be otherwise achievable with standardized financial instruments. 

Our strategies are designed to provide our clients with highly targeted investments according to their risk profiles, return requirements and market expectations.

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Lae will be happy to provide you with further information.



Please be sure to be considered as a sophisticated investor according to the Isle of Man Financial Services Authority before contacting us. Regulations are made to protect investors and ensure that they understand the risks associated with their investments.

We apply the same level of expectations regarding our clients as we demand for ourselves, as far as ethics are concerned.  




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